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Bright blessings Soul Tribe,

Join the holistic healing movement with Medicine Mama Kia to live EarthWay. Alchemize your innerG and grab some divination tools to grow your craft. Blessings to Oshun and Spirit. 


Yoni Steams

Yoni Steams are ancient tradition practiced by women for cleansing energy and healing the womb of imbalances.

Yoni is Sanskrit word for womb, goddess.

Steams vary including :

Womb Detox Steam,  Trauma Healing Steam, Sex Me Steam and Smell Good Steam.

Heal your womb and increase your natural lubrication with Earths herbs.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy crafted by hand with energetic light specifically for balancing Chakras.

Witch Wellness is providing an holistic healing treatment to promote health and well-being of individuals.

Spiritual Healing Oils:

Yoni Oil, Money gain Oil, Protection Oil, Self-Love Oil, Anxiety Be-Gone Oil.

Yoni Waistbeads

Hand-made Yoni Waistbeads

Waistbeads are a form of Afro-indigenous culture, sexuality and feminine expression.

During the Pandemic of 2020 I personally decided to use my divine energy to create these YONI-Waistbeads for other woman to ascend into their higher selves. 

Purpose of beads :

- Activate Divine Feminine Self 

- Weight management 

- Self-love Booster

- Tool for foreplay

- Enlighten lovers and increase orgasms

(Charged with new moon water and white sage for love and light to flow with you at all times) 

Tarot Readings & Guided Meditations

My tarot card with Kia guided me to understand what seeds I needed to water to grow in my present moment looking towards the future. Kia’s responses came from a place to guide me through my own healing and understanding processes. I would highly recommend a tarot reading with Kia, as she helps you expand your own understandings with her knowledge and guidance 🕸🌱.

Kayla Dawn

Kia is such a beautiful energy and soul! It took moments to set the energy and intentions of the reading, gave me some clarity that I needed and gave me the opportunity to ask questions”

Chey @TheSolPlace

I got a yoni steam from @kiamarilyn_ and it was amazing. She is such a beautiful light who wants to help you grow and heal. She educated me and talked me through it. The herbs smell divine and I had such a pleasant experience with my steam. I highly recommend you get a steam from her and feel your absolute best 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Brittany @Trippydippywhippyhippie808